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My account was banned - what can I do?

We only ban accounts for abusing our site policies. If your account was banned it almost surely was not a mistake. If you think your account has been wrongly banned, you can submit a supprot ticket and we will review your case by hand.

If you are ever in doubt about what is and is not allowed on our website, make sure to read our Terms of Service, if something is still unclear, don't hesitate to contact our support for additional clarifications.

Most common reason for a ban is multiaccounting - Please note that you are only allowed ONE account per person. If you are in a situation where several users might access PTCshare from the same IP address, and you have been banned, then our support team might require additional proof to verify that you are indeed different account owners.

To keep our banning procedures effective and maintain a healthy userbase and effective advertising, we do not reveal our multi-account detection systems. But in short, they are VERY EFFECTIVE, and if you try to run multi-accounts and we ban you, there are very little chances of recovering yoru account - so we suggest to not do it in the first place :)