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I have a missing purchase/deposit

 Your deposit / ad campaign should activate instantly upon receipt of the payment. In case of Bitcoin or Litecoin payments, they will be verified after 3 confirmations (4 for LTC). 

If you have sent the payment, but the campaign/deposit were not added, then you will have to create a ticket so we may look into the issue and verify your payment manually. 

When doing so, please provide the following information to help us resolve the issue quickly:

  •  Your transaction/batch/reference ID (from within your SolidTrustPay/PerfectMoney/Payeer/Bitcoin/Litecoinaccount)       
  •   Amount of your deposit/purchase cost
  •  Which payment processor you used
  • Date of you made the purchase

If you have sent the payment via BitCoin/Litecoin please also provide the following:

  • Your BitCoin account (that you sent the funds from)
  • The Bitcoin account you sent the funds to