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I completed an offer but it was not credited yet

Completing offers is a great way to earn additional cash on your account! Verifiying and adding cash rewards for offer completion is an automated 3rd party system, handled by the offerwall providers.

Most of the time, these system work flawlessly, and verifing offers typically within hours or a few days maximum, and money is added straight to your balance here at PTCshare. So note, that before worrying about anything, wait at least a few days after completing an offer, to chekck if money was added.

If after 48 hours you see nothing, then do NOT submit a support ticket at PTCshare, but head over to the offers page, and click on the offer provider offerwall which you completed the offer from. Each of the offerwalls has a history/missing cents/support section, where you can check offerwall completion and crediting, and in case of such issues where you can also contact their support to have a look why an offerwall wasn't credited yet. Follow their instructions to the point, and in most cases this will allow you to get the reward credited properly.

If you experience these issues a lot (mostly with surveys), the offerwalls suggest to try and record proof of completing their offers (i.e. a screenshot), so if it does come to such issues, you are more easiyl to prove it was compelted, and can speed up this process!

The typical reasons why an offer wouldn't credit is not completing it properly/fully, using VPN/IP, trying to multiaccoutn it via proxies, etc. So please do not do that, as you might be banned from the offerwalls themselves, as well as any offerwall earnings deducted from your PTCshare account if we are notified that you falsely completed any offers.