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I am having problems logging into my account / resetting my password


  1. In case you have problems with solving the Captcha when trying to log in to your account try to:
    -reset your router (to get new ip)
    -clear your browser data
    -use other browser e.g opera/chrome/firefox.
    -change captcha from SolveMedia to Google noCaptcha(or the opposite) under the login form
  2. If you are using the new Two Factor authentication(2FA) and having issues with it try to:
    - MOST of the times issues happen because your mobile device time isn't properly set(the security number the 2FA generates is basically a time-based calculation and requires a correctly set time on your device). So make sure to first update your phone's time manually. Find the correct time for your timezone here.
    - change captcha type on login
    - wait for the security number/token on 2FA app to change and try to login again
    - try keep using the same token/security number even after it changes on your application for a minute or so
    - If none of that works let us know and we can manually disable 2FA for you
  3. If the problem is with your password please use the "Forgot Password" link on our login page. That will send you a new password to your email address. (Sometimes it'll take several minutes for the email to arrive; but just complete the form once, and then be patient)
  4. If after the above steps you can still not access your account, then submit a support ticket and we will try to help you additionally. Please provide your date of birth when doing so to help confirm you as the account owner, but you may be asked for additional verifications by the support team in this case.