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What is BAP tax and maintenance fee?

To helps clear up inactive accounts and promote continuous activity to provide the best advertising possible, as well as allows us to distribute bigger ad values to actually active users. We have automated system in place that will automatically start deducting BAP and cash from balances of any accounts that have not been active for 7 days or more. (This does NOT mean having days build up from activation ads, but actual account activity!)

NOTE: This is slightly different than in our other website PaidVerts, where everyone is deducted BAP tax and maintenance fee daily (but where that is offset with higher activation BAP gains).

So for these inactive accounts, the BAP tax deducts 100 BAP per day, and $0.001 for EACH type of balance that you might have available on your account.

To prevent this, simply be active (login/view ads) at least once every 7 days. If you purchase any amount of Bulk Ads you will also gain immunity to BAP tax and maintenance fee for 14 days. Another option to prevent these being deducted if yo uare away/on holidays, is to purchase the vacation mode.