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How does referral commission work?

PTCshare referral program provides you with great earning opportunities. YOu will receive 7% commission on all of your referrals' ad purchases (Bulk Ads, Pure Ads, Login Ads, Fixed Ads), as well as 3% commission on the value of all cash ads they view. 

Your referrals are yours for life, and can not be changed. We also have no silly limits on the amount of Direct Referrals you can have and earn from - you worked for it, you deserve any commissions you get!

As PTCshare has a huge memberbase and a complicated architecture, referral commissions are paid once per day in full, for all previous day' activity. This happens at around 00:00-1:00 UTC( GMT) . This is part of many website performance optimizations to keep our websites super responsive and scalable.

In your balance history your commissions will show as a single entry per day, but you can view a full breakdown of commission payments in a dedicated referral commissions log.