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How can I gain BAP?

There are two main sources from which you can accumulate Bonus Ad Points:      

  1. By viewing Activation Ads. Everyday you will receive automatically 8 ads of this type which gives you up to 120 BAP completely for FREE! These ads have an expiration time of 24 hours so make sure you view them before the end of the server day.
  2. By purchasing Bulk Ads (Recommended) . Bulk Ads is our most popular advertising option due to all the benefits you get from it! Its most attractive feature is that you get 118% from your purchase in form of Bonus Ad Points (for every $1 you buy from Bulk Ads, you receive 2,360 BAP immediately) 

We have a few more options where you can start growing your BAP. Casino Games let you bet with your Bonus Ad Points and you can multiply your points while having fun! Nonetheless, this is a quite risky approach. You may also try your luck at the ClickGrid and win multiply BAP and cash prizes! 

A more simple and secure way is through the Daily BAP Bonus where you have to complete a few tasks everyday and you will be able to claim your reward with a single click the next day! 

Additionally, you may gain BAP from your sponsor should s/he wants to incentivize you or his/her referrals by sending them up to 15,500 BAP each from the Pay-It-Forward (PIF) feature.